Friday, 30 December 2016

Second Finish from Finish Along 2016 Q4 List


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Second finish from the list is number 6 Conkers Quilt. Pattern by Jo Avery for
My version using navy and off white.

35th Completed Quilt

                                                                  Best wishes for 2017


First Finish from Finish Along 2016 Q4 List


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Number 1 on the list is now complete.  Broken Spider Web Block from Amy Gibson on Craftsys free Block of the Month 2012.

34th Completed Quilt


Sunday, 9 October 2016

Finish Along 2016 Q4

Here is my list for Q4 2016


1 ~ Spider Quilt (photobombed by Naked Dog who I have removed from the list because I do not think I am ever going to make him a coat).  Quilt needs a bit more ditch quilting, then some FMQ or hand - have not decided yet -and then binding.  Free pattern Amy Gibson on Craftsy.

2 ~  Voile Quilt - Changed pattern again - This time I have gone for a free pattern from Tula Pink called Moxie.  I really really dislike working with voile.

3 ~ Gypsy Kisses (Material Obsession pattern) is plodding along lovely.  I have completed all my arcs and I am slowly hand stitching my centres on.

4 ~ Garments - As per every other list but all the fabric is now washed.

5 ~ Bright Lights, Big City pattern by Victoria Findley Wolfe

6 ~ Conkers Quilt pattern by Jo Avery

7 ~ Lawn Diamonds pattern by @sarahscrawdesigns

8 ~ Diamond Drop pattern by Nicole Neblett (

9 ~ Mariners Madness pattern by Chris Jurd

The below patterns are not part of my FAL Q4 list but are more on a patterns pending list.

Maybe they will make Q1 2017


Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Fourth Finish for Finish Along Q3 2016

Original List Here.

#falq3weekendtextiles   #falweekendtextiles

Item 7 on the list

Baby Flying Geese Quilt

Already flown off to New Zealand with Baby Star Quilt.  11,818 Miles.

33rd Finished Quilt

Baby Flying Geese Quilt - September 2016


Third Finish for Finish Along Q3 2016

Original List here.  

#falq3weekendtextiles    #falweekendtextiles

Item 6 on the List

Baby Star Quilt

32nd Finished Quilt.


Second Finish from Finish Along Q3 2016

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 #falq3weekendtextiles  #falweekendtextiles

Item 4 on the list

99.9% Anna Maria Horner fabric in a chevron quilt.
I used the foundation pattern from Quick and Easy Quilts by Lynne Goldsworthy.
Not sure I will  use the same print for border and then binding ever again.

31st Finished Quilt


Sunday, 31 July 2016

First Finish of Finish Along Q3 2016

Original list here.

 IG #FALQ3weekendtextiles

Number 9 on my FAL Q3 list is finished and here it is

Lonestar - 30th finished quilt.

Pattern by Jo Avery in Quilt Now


Sunday, 10 July 2016

Finish Along 2016 Q3

Finish Along 2016 Q3 List      #FALQ3weekendtextiles

1 ~  Naked dog still naked

2 ~  Voile Quilt - Change of plan from Q2 list - Hopefully this voile fabric will become Emerging Stars Pattern from Material Obsession. Another change of pattern - Vintage Spin from Adding Layers by  Kathy Doughty - instead of wedges I have drafted a foundation paper piecing pattern to hold the slippery voile in place.  I have completed a test block and it is still so so slippery so I have been using a glue pen to stick the voile to the paper after each trim.

3 & 4 ~   Scrap Spiders (Free Amy Gibson pattern on Craftsy Block of the Month) has progressed to a nearly finished top along with an Anna Maria Horner chevron top which needs some borders

5 ~  Gypsy Kisses - piecing is coming along nicely (Pattern from Material Obsession Two)

6 & 7 ~   Two baby quilts - Baby Star and Baby Flying Geese (I drafted the geese block)

8 ~    Ever increasing pile of garments to be sewn

9 ~   Lonestar has progressed to FMQ (I used the pattern by Jo Avery in Quilt Now.

10 ~   FAL list staple Summersville HST Quilt - still unfinished.

11 ~    Grey Plus Quilt also lying neglected

12 &13 ~ Red and Blue Stars - Two quilts- 12 X 13 1/2" blocks of each colour way.  (Pattern Starlight Express by Lynne Edwards)

I have finished three from Q2 list and added three quilts and a few garments during Q2.

************* I hope everyone has an enjoyable sewing filled summer ***************

Thursday, 30 June 2016

A 3rd Finish for FAL 2016 Q2

Amazingly there is a 3rd finish.
Number 8 on the Q2 List here.

29th Finished Quilt - Giant Vintage Star Purple and Black


Tuesday, 28 June 2016

A 2nd Finish for FAL Q2 2016

Another  finish for Q2. Original List here

Number 7 on the list.

28th Finished Quilt - Giant Vintage Star  Red and Pink.   Jeni Baker In Color Order has the best free tutorial for this quilt.


Monday, 6 June 2016

First Finish for FAL Q2 - Chevron Quilt

Number 6 on FAL Q2 List here

Chevron Quilt - (HST Leftovers from Large Flying Geese Quilt from Q1)
27th Finished Quilt


Sunday, 17 April 2016

Weekend Update on Q2 List

I only added my list to Fluffy Sheep Quilting blog yesterday but already I can update as my Lone Star is further along than the Q2 list photographs show.  It was raining very hard here on the south coast of the UK yesterday so I could not re-photograph my Lone Star progress - but here it is today.  I am following the pattern by Jo Avery in Quilt Now.  Over Q1 I finished piecing and joining four arms.  Just the four part arms left to piece for the corner.

Gypsy Kisses - I have been piecing on this most of the day and have added 4 strips to each section making 288 sets of cutting, trimming, sewing and ironing.  Only 142 strips to go...

Doe Binding for the Chevron HST Quilt was also made today.

and probably a few more Spider Blocks pieced since the original photograph was taken months ago.  I have used the pattern  from Amy Gibson's Block of the Month on Craftsy - Free course. There are 48 sections in this photo, enough for 12 blocks which finish at 12 1/2".  I am hoping to eventually to make 25.


Saturday, 16 April 2016

Finish Along 2016 - Q2

 Finish Along List of 2016 - Q2

1. Give the dog a coat - carry over

2. Voile Quilt - Decided on two patterns - one chevron and one light/dark squares. Printed out 81 pp templates.

3, 4 & 5. Scrap Spiders, Lonestar & Blue and Red Stars - all making progress.

6. HST Chevron Quilt - Leftovers from Large Flying Geese from Q1 - just needs Binding.

7 & 8. Red/Pink Giant Star &  Purple/Black Giant Star. Piecing and quilting.

9. Gypsy Kisses - Pattern from Material Obsession Two - Kathy Doughty and Sarah Fielke

10. I am ashamed to say this Summerville HST quilt is still languishing in a drawer waiting to be worked on.

11. Grey Plus Quilt - same stage as last list

12.  Various unfinished garments, Bags, Cushions and Pin Cushions

Lots to be getting on with.

**************************HAPPY Q2 SEWING ******************************

Friday, 18 March 2016

Take Three - FAL Q1 2016 - A Flying Third Finish

Number 3 on Q1 2016 List (Click Link)
Large Flying Geese Quilt
I used the pattern published in Issue 16 of Quilt Now.
26th Completed Quilt