Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Finish Along 2017 - Q3

Finish Along 2017 - Q3
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This list of my ongoing projects is a bit same old same old but on a more positive note it is quite short.

1 ~ Voile Quilt - still piecing a top but probably half way there.
2 ~ Helianthus Quilt - Quilting Straight Lines. (Pattern Jenny Haynes)
3 ~ Pickled Fish Quilt - All arcs pieced.  (Pattern Chris Jurd)
4 ~ Bright Lights, Big City Quilt - Over halfway on the piecing. (Pattern Victoria Findlay Wolfe)
5 ~ Star Storm Quilt - Continue cutting.  Giant templates pieced. (Pattern Victoria Findlay Wolfe)
6 ~ Pennine Star Quilt - Ready for layering and quilting. (Pattern Nicola Dodd)
7 ~ Mariners Madness Quilt - All foundation pieces ready for fabric selection. (Pattern Chris Jurd)
8 ~ Bakers Dozen Quilt Pattern - Arrived from Australia today - Fabric (AMH) all ready to start. (Pattern Jen Kingwell)
9 ~ Garments - More fabric purchased - No garments started.

Lots to keep me busy through the summer. 
 Happy summer sewing everyone