Sunday, 17 April 2016

Weekend Update on Q2 List

I only added my list to Fluffy Sheep Quilting blog yesterday but already I can update as my Lone Star is further along than the Q2 list photographs show.  It was raining very hard here on the south coast of the UK yesterday so I could not re-photograph my Lone Star progress - but here it is today.  I am following the pattern by Jo Avery in Quilt Now.  Over Q1 I finished piecing and joining four arms.  Just the four part arms left to piece for the corner.

Gypsy Kisses - I have been piecing on this most of the day and have added 4 strips to each section making 288 sets of cutting, trimming, sewing and ironing.  Only 142 strips to go...

Doe Binding for the Chevron HST Quilt was also made today.

and probably a few more Spider Blocks pieced since the original photograph was taken months ago.  I have used the pattern  from Amy Gibson's Block of the Month on Craftsy - Free course. There are 48 sections in this photo, enough for 12 blocks which finish at 12 1/2".  I am hoping to eventually to make 25.


Saturday, 16 April 2016

Finish Along 2016 - Q2

 Finish Along List of 2016 - Q2

1. Give the dog a coat - carry over

2. Voile Quilt - Decided on two patterns - one chevron and one light/dark squares. Printed out 81 pp templates.

3, 4 & 5. Scrap Spiders, Lonestar & Blue and Red Stars - all making progress.

6. HST Chevron Quilt - Leftovers from Large Flying Geese from Q1 - just needs Binding.

7 & 8. Red/Pink Giant Star &  Purple/Black Giant Star. Piecing and quilting.

9. Gypsy Kisses - Pattern from Material Obsession Two - Kathy Doughty and Sarah Fielke

10. I am ashamed to say this Summerville HST quilt is still languishing in a drawer waiting to be worked on.

11. Grey Plus Quilt - same stage as last list

12.  Various unfinished garments, Bags, Cushions and Pin Cushions

Lots to be getting on with.

**************************HAPPY Q2 SEWING ******************************