Saturday, 16 January 2016

Finish Along 2016 - Q1

New Year - New Old List

Many best wishes to everyone for 2016

I went back to my previous list when preparing this one.  I had lapsed in Q2 2015 and as well as not posting a finished list I also stopped reading blogs, preferring the dipping in and out of Instagram.  I have had a renewed enjoyment of reading blogs looking at the hundreds of lists posted. Not so much enjoyment was had in looking at my unfinished makes, although I have a fraction of what many of you have!

Number 1 and 2 on the list are the virtually finished - Supernova and Kaleidoscopic quilts

Number 3 - Large Flying Geese Quilt

Number 4, 5 and 6 - Scrap Spiders Web, Lonestar, Blue and Red Stars

Number 7 - Grey Quilt

Number 8 and 9 - Aviatrix Medallion (unlikely) and Crossroads Quilt

Number 10 - Voile Quilt - unlikely as still trying to decide on a design

Number 11 - Summerville HST Quilt - nearly finished - I think this has been on every FAL list I have ever written

Number 12 - This dog needs a Melody Miller coat

I have approx 6 other unfinished garments, bags and cushions but they will keep for next time.
I have credited some pattern designers in previous posts and any I have not this time I will catch up and edit the post - running close to the deadline for linking!

**************************HAPPY SEWING IN 2016 ***************************